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Oct 3, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. it's not. >> registered dietitian directed nutrition education for pcrn. she says there are many sources of calcium and protein that don't contain the saturated fat and lactose or dairy sugar in milk. including broccoli,tofu, and colored greens. >> you can eat the green, leafy vegetables and get all the nutrients you need. >> the petition says that kids don't need milk and that's just really difficult and not true. >> carrie represents a dairy industry group that finds pcrm, antimilk campaign outrageous. >> if you want to make up the available calcium in one cup of milk, you would need 13 servings of pinto beans and 15 half cup servings of spinage to make up that available calcium. i don't think kids are going to eat that much. >> a spokesperson says they haven't heard from parents who want this kind of change and it's unlikely to happen. wcrm is targeting the general public with its message. running ads in the d.c. metro system that play on the let's move campaign to advocate moving milk and cheese out of school lunches. >> it's really a sensationalist ad campaign that has an an
Oct 2, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. made big sacrifices to get his son and daughter educated in this country. he was shot and killed as he pumped gas on connecticut avenue on october 3, one of three people killed that morning, a fourth was killed that night. his son, andrew, talked with us this afternoon. >> it's been a long time. we miss my dad. >> give me a memory or thought, what was he like? >> he was a bigger guy. he was a gentle giant. he works hard. i mean, came from another country. he did things me and my sister can't accomplish. he gave us opportunities we couldn't have. he was 17. it's very, very hard to see how somebody who is not your father has such an influence on you to make you do things you shouldn't be doing. when i was 17, i never thought about going around and doing some attacks on good people, you know. >> you've been watching us, told the washington post he was a monster, he felt like scum. this young man doesn't want to hear it. we heard that from a lot of people today. they are not in the mood for forgiveness. we talked to the wife earlier by phone. she wasn't up to talking to us. she is being
Oct 4, 2012 5:00pm EDT
like he is always trying to educate. this wasn't the time for that. >> yeah. >> and what really hurt him though? >> what really hurt him was his lack of command and presence. it was like he wasn't there as a president, the strong confident leader that we know him to be. on a scale of one to ten he was himself, but he was like a four. he needed to be a ten that night. this is not a time to be like i'm off my game. he was just too passive, too reigned in, he did not even look at romney enough times. he was not making contact with romney. we the viewers will see him engaging with his candidate, but he didn't. so it looked like romney who did that, it looked like obama was kind of conceding, giving him a whole impression of being, you know, just passive. >> so romney seemed to be more in charge because he appeared to be more engaged, not just with obama? >> yes. let's talk about governor romney, both things that helped and hurt him. one quick sound byte and we'll talk about it. >> sure. >> look, i've got five boys. i'm used to people saying something that is not always true, but just kee
Oct 5, 2012 5:00pm EDT
teach to their own mandated standardized tests. the dean of education says there is some merit to that argument. >> policymakers should be making a decision based on s.a.t. scores. >> there's a silver lining in the latest numbers. >> more kids are take the s.a.t. than ever before. more variety of kids taking the s.a.t. from all over the country. they have more opportunities to take the test. that's fabulous. you know, the fact we have such diversity, represents the fact that the s.a.t. is changing. >> one of hundreds of universities that don't require s.a.t. tests for applicants anymore. they will look at the score if a student has taken the test, but they don't look at it as an indicator of how that student will perform in college. >>> some colleges have found that focusing first on the whole person, their grades, essaysextracurricular activities and life experiences will help them find the best students. >> i want kids to be great at writing. i want them to come with passion and excitement about what they are studying. >> in northwest washington, peggy fox, 9news now. >> i am he
Oct 1, 2012 5:09pm EDT
director of education and advocacy for the organization and says citizenship is important for immigrants. >> you get to petition government for changes in policies that affect the community besides all other benefits that citizenship comes with, being able to travel freely. >> reporter: gomez has worked for howard university hospital 11 years. as a citizen she has her sights on other job opportunities. >> maybe i want to apply for another job. >> reporter: i'm jay jay, jc hayward hey -- jc hayward, 9 news now. >> to learn more you can go to >>> this is 9 news now. >> my scenes have all corroded on the frames and the doors are getting the same way. >> that was the complaint back in 2005 from residents living near alexandria's coal-fired power plant and today after decades of fighting that plant on the banks of the potomac officially closed its doors. peggy fox sat down with the woman who made it possible. >> this is from the power plant. you can see it's very black and you can see my hands are black from it. >> reporter: 11 years ago elizabeth chimento noticed a
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5